• Faith Share

    The first Saturday of every month, the church body comes together and takes the gospel into the community. In sharing our faith, we raise awareness of our church within the community, and in turn, we get the blessing of being able to share our God with others.

    We start with a full breakfast in the gymnasium at 9:30, and then split into groups with different areas of our community to canvass. 

    If this is your first time getting to share your faith, don't worry; there is no pressure. Feel free to come and, at least, pray with the people who are ready to share their faith with others. Remember what Jesus said in the book of Matthew, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Let's be honest - He's too good not to talk about!

    For answers regarding questions you may have about this ministry, please contact Pastor Jeff Rhodes.

  • Jewish Followers of jesus

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    We have a very active ministry to and for the Jewish people in our community. Every Friday night at 7 there is a Bible study held in the StudentLife Center. The studies are conducted by Ron Neumann Mcdevitt, a Jewish believer in Jesus Christ. The Bible is taught from a Jewish perspective and designed to bring all who attend to a better understanding of the Bible.

    We invite all Jewish people and others with a Jewish Heart!

    This ministry is also very active in outreach and evangelism to the community and seeks to make the Messiahship of Jesus Christ an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people, worldwide.

    For more information, you can email Ron at

    Watch Ron's Testimony - A Jew with An Irish Name

  • Reformers UNANIMOUS - Addictions

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    Do you or know someone that suffer from a physical or chemical addiction? Do you feel all alone? We are here to help. The Reformers Unanimous program accepts you as you are and will help you find the freedom you want and need from paralyzing addictions. Our program will guide you through biblical steps to deliverance, and our staff will lovingly help you stay on course to acheive your ultimate goal: freedom.

    Help for people with any addiction:

    Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Pornography, Gambling, Eating Disorders, Etc...

    To learn more about how we can help, contact the Chapter Director, Pastor Terry Dye at our church office (321) 259-1723 or cell phone (904) 553-3132. We provide transportation, child care and a meal. You can also follow them online at their Facebook Page.

    The Melbourne Chapter meets each Friday evening from 7:00 - 9:30 in the Educational Building at 4300 North Wickham Road. There is no charge for this program. We work closely with probation officers and the court system. Our program is different than any other program in several ways:

    It is FREE.

    It has been proven that 82% of the people who come to our program wanting to change and complete the program, never return to their addiction. If FREEDOM is your goal, then this is is the program for you!

    The people who will help you are sincerely interested in your recovery. Many have or are currently going through the study books. You will find real friends through our program.

    Our program is able to help EVERYONE. Many people who may or may not attend church can think their "habit" is not really a problem...but the fact is, they are not experiencing that dynamic Christian life they've been hearing about and never will until they experience true freedom from their "habit". They struggle because they have not found the way to have a personal relationship with God and His Son Jesus. Reformers Unanimous can change all of that!

    We have a loving and attentive children's program (newborn to twelve years old) at the same time.

    This program isn't just for the addicted. It is a good bible study for everyone. Friends and family are welcome to attend! 

  • Servants of the Savior - Motorcycle group

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    There is a fellowship among those who ride motorcycles born only from the common experience of riding. This common bond creates unique opportunities for evangelism and fellowship.

    To connect with us on Facebook, click here.

    Servants of the Savior motorcycle club was created to bring those that love riding together to have fun, fellowship and enjoy the wind on our faces. We meet once a month for a ride to various locations usually stopping along the way to eat or enjoy God’s beautiful creation. 

    We are always excited to have others join in for the riding experience.